Relationship Coaching

Using the Integrated Attachment Theory method, I will create a personalized coaching plan to assist you to:

  • Reprogram Your Core Wounds & Belief Patterns
  • Discover Your Unique Personality Needs & Create Healthy Ways of Meeting Them
  • Learn How to Communicate Your Boundaries & Needs
  • Integrate Your Shadow
  • Reprogram Your Attachment Style 
  • And much more! 

IAT works for individuals, couples, and groups who desire to improve their relationships to self and others.  

Conscious Sex & Intimacy Guidance

Discover YOUR Sexual True North & Honor It!
As a professional in the art of Conscious BDSM/Kink, I will meet you with a nonjudgmental, curious, and compassionate presence unparalleled by the majority of society. I’ve devoted my life to shedding light on sexuality, elevating the erotic, and transmuting blockages into the cleansing fires of Shakti.

I am poly-aware/alternative relationship-aware, queer-aware, sex work-aware, and have walked paths of all of the above. I’m also trauma informed and have healed from sexual trauma myself. And, I’m neurodivergent too. Given my insights, I require much less explanation than others.

With my expertise I can assist you to…

  • Be Empowered by Self Exploration, Embrace Authenticity & Cultivate Self Intimacy
  • Discover Your Enthusiastic YESes & Channel Your Sexual Energy
  • Get to Know Your Needs & Boundaries & Learn How To Honor Them
  • Express Yourself! ~Get GOOD at Voicing Your Needs & Desires
  • Release Sexual Shame & Trauma
  • Transcend Unfulfilling Sex & Relationships
  • Heal From a Breakup 
  • Cleanse Your Energetic Field of Past Lovers
  • Evolve from Rejection
  • Integrate Your Sexual Shadow & the Wisdom You’ve Gained From the Underworld
  • Heal Wounds of the Feminine & Masculine Within & Unite Them
  • Become Great at Eye Contact, Conversation, Emotional & Intuitive Intelligence
  • Learn the Practice of Conscious BDSM/Kink

Your journey as a sexual alchemist is here now! Will you honor the unique path of your sacred sexuality? 🐍

Assertiveness & Boundary Training Through Role Play

Do you struggle with sticking to your boundaries? Freeze up when you need to assert yourself? Avoid confrontation (and fail to get your needs honored)? Explode on others when you’ve bottled things up too long? Or maybe you suffer with other symptoms listed in the Learn More page. 

Communication is everything, and not being able to do it with confidence erodes our wellbeing. This unconventional offering is the closest you’ll get to being prepared for the real-deal experience when it arrives again. And it ALWAYS does—till we re-pattern it!

 I will prepare you for THAT moment. As a master at role-play I will play the person you need to communicate with.

Life is crippling when we don’t communicate our needs. Imagine one where doing so was second nature! Imagine living free from people pleasing, second guessing, walking on eggshells, etc. What would it be like? You’ll never know till you embody your authentic self!


You’ve summoned the Priestess. Nonjudgmental, curious, and compassionate! I offer the listening ear you’ve been searching for. A moment in my presence and you’ll be grounded further into divine union, embodied through me. The containers I create help shift us into a higher frequency.

I am PRESENT, and your story is never a “burden.” I have a large capacity to listen and you are of interest to me! I came into this world a spaceholder and have spent my life cultivating the practice of it. 

Space holding is an absolute necessity in our world, but please note that it is best when complimented with supplemental work that furthers transformation. 

Habitual reactions to experiences form patterns in the mind, body, and soul. It takes consistent dedication and effort to heal, re-pattern, and reprogram our reactions. Thus, I encourage you to compliment our Spaceholding sessions with other tools I can provide you with or that you feel called to yourself.

Bespoke Healing

  • Walk & Talks 
  • Holistic Health Coaching 
  • Holistic Self Care Guidance  
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Nature Retreats & Guided Day Treks
  • Inner Child Journeys
  • Transformative BDSM/Kink – Based in South Florida + Travel
  • Social Outings – Conversational, Training Based for Confidence Coaching, Dating Coaching, Social Anxiety Relief  

Creativity Coaching

You were born to create! The act of doing so connects you with your higher self and your divinity. Creativity is nourishment for the soul. Creative works heal us and  transcend confines of social programming. They welcome all emotions and all experiences in existence, free of bias.  


But sometimes we get caught in the bondage of the programming, and suffer. 


If you’re a creative person who’s blocked, or neglecting your craft, you’re suffering from a lack of nourishment. And you won’t find that nourishment elsewhere. Creativity cannot be replaced by other personality needs. 


Few things are worse than being blocked as artist! It can cause spiritual depression over time.


Inspired by The Artist’s Way & my own experiential wisdom,

I will assist you in…


  • Uncovering Your Creative Blocks & Working With Them 
  • Accessing Flow State 
  • Working with resistance, anxiety, doubt, procrastination, as well as outer limitations such as time, resources, and pressure from others
  • Accountability for Your Works of Art  

Spiritual Guidance

I know how challenging the path can be. Sometimes we enter confusing terrain and need a little guidance on our journey.  

Your spirituality is your UNIQUE connection with Source, the Sacred, Purpose.

No one can define it for you. But of course, the programs try and dictate what we should and shouldn’t believe, and what is a worthwhile purpose or not. 

Here’s what I can assist you in:

  • Navigating spiritual awakenings
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Accountability for your purpose
  • Using the power of your subconscious mind to 

connected with your spirituality enough to continue blossoming on your unique path. 


Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Or perhaps you’re not new to the spiritual path. Regardless,

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