Solo Sexual Pleasure Outdoors

Go to Her and She will heal you. Her cornucopia is of endless bliss… Nature brings us right into the present moment. 👣

A couple years ago I began solo sexual pleasuring in Nature.

My intentions were to:

🪷 Practice “Masturbation Meditation”

🌲 Immerse in Nature & become one with Her, in the present moment

🧘‍♀️ Let go of thoughts & keep returning to the breath & the somatic experience of the body

🍯 Immerse in the somatic experience of self pleasure.

🏔️ Not rely on anything but the experience of the present moment and Nature within & around me as a stimulator or source of  sexual  energy!

🌺 Explore how self pleasure works WITHOUT any aids such as porn or erotica or mental fantasies (I’ve never been dependent on porn, but I was on mental fantasies).

🎁 Really get to know my body holistically — physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, & spiritually!

🌊 Let go more of making orgasm the focus & end goal of the experience… (Still working on this! Can you blame me?)

💓 Open up to whatever emerged (The unknown. Somatic fears I don’t need to “fix” with the mind)

🐍 Give Love, Light, & Prana to any intrusive thoughts that came up. There was a particular one that often came up at the moments before orgasm. I made it a practice to release any shame that emerged. This thought took me “out of the moment” a lot, and I felt annoyed by it when it would.

📿 Explore this as part of my path as a sex priestess.

🏕️ Take what I learned with me when I self pleasure indoors too

🌅 Practice pussy sungazing when I felt like it

🌱 Give my orgasm/sexual energy back to the Earth

What I embarked on changed me forever. My views, my relationship to self (holistically) and to sex, love, & intimacy changed forever. The journey continues. It feels like it’s only just begun because of all the layers of programming that keep peeling away and the new revelations of all degrees.

🔥 Coming in the future is a post about What Solo Self Pleasure in Nature & Masturbation Meditation Revealed to Me 🐍

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